compliant mechanics

morphological computation

human and robotic motor control: comparison

damage-robust, safe, fast and flexible motion

learning (unsupervised, reinforcement and imitation learning)

dynamical neural models

unifying locomotion and manipulation

AMARSi is a EU-funded research project in the Seventh Framework Programme. The project is a large scale integration project (see EU project types) hosted in the category Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) (see EU project themes), unit E5: Cognitive Systems, Interaction and Robotics (see all units). Download the AMARSi fact sheet in A4 or the A1 AMARSi poster in portrait and landscape format.


SUMMARY. Motor skills of humans and animals are still utterly astonishing when compared to robots. AMARSi aims at a qualitative jump in robotic motor skills towards biological richness. AMARSi' objective: the experimentation and demonstration of rich motor skills on the iCub humanoid robot and on the quadruped Oncilla. Rich motor skills in robots will have a tremendous impact on our society. Dexterous and skillful motion in robots will make them more suitable for a large number of tasks. The compliant and natural movements will make them blend into everyday routines, safe and psychologically acceptable.

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